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Lure Me is based on love for beauty and aesthetics for women and men. It is a high quality cosmetics online boutique, in which you will find natural body care products, face, hair, and unique makeup products!All cosmetics are certified, environmentally friendly and cruelty free, as a company we have a strong ecological awareness. We only work with the best Greek and international cosmetics companies to offer you the most exquisite cosmetic products.

Our philosophy is based on lotus and desire, two concepts inextricably linked to Greek mythology. The flowers and fruit of the lotus were considered a food that caused peaceful apathy and addiction. Those who tasted him were overwhelmed by the feeling of pleasure and lost the desire to continue their journey. In Greco-Roman culture, this flower was associated with the Goddess of Aphrodite beauty, symbolizing pure, divine beauty. So, this sweet anticipation and the temptation of the lotus represent the beauty and aesthetics of our products.

If you have a passion for care and high-quality cosmetics, start this journey with us! Join our community, chat with us on Facebook or Instagram and register on our newsletter to receive with email all recent arrivals, tips, beauty guides and more!

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